Datatrans iOS SDK

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Accept payments on your iOS apps: Our mobile SDKs support your entire payment and registration process and simplify the integration of any payment method in your mobile apps. Completely outsource your payment processes to us from inside your native apps. We also take care of redirecting your users to 3D Secure processes and enable smooth app-switches to other payment applications including Twint and PostFinance.


Easy Integration: Integrate many of our payment methods easily to your iOS projects. Smart, modern and secure UI components to master online payments in your apps.

Card Scanner: Let your customers scan their card information easily with our prebuilt card scanner. No time wasted with entering card information.

3DS 2.0 / SCA Ready: The iOS SDK takes over the complexity of the 3DS process. We remain in charge of redirecting users whenever a 3D authorization is required to the 3DS process of their bank and back to the SDK.

Smooth App-Switch: Do you offer payment methods like Twint or PayPal that require the user to confirm the payment in a separate mobile app? The library switches smoothly to external apps and back to the SDK.

Tokens and Fast Checkouts: Save your customers’ payment information for later use and offer fast checkouts in your app. Delegate the token selection to the library.

Theme Support: Style various items according to your corporate identity if needed. We also support the iOS dark theme.


Get started with our integration guide and the API reference.


The Datatrans iOS SDK requires Xcode 12 or later and is compatible with apps targeting iOS 11 or above.